Wirtualny Asystent – AIDERS.es

Meet the professional team of remote assistants, concierge and city assistants

Team of remote assistants and concierge is focused on  realization of business and private tasks for private and corporate clients.
trong>Imagine that from tomorrow you can delegate almost all your tasks and have assistance in both private and business matters. Check what you and your company will gain:

  • Discretion, anonymity and quick implementation in any tasks ordered by client,
  • Effective outsourcing of assistant services for everyone,
  • Reduction of costs of employment – you do not have to recruit a new employee,
  • Wide support and wide range of activities, will be done by multitasking team of specialists,
  • Tasks insight 24h / day via a dedicated customer portal CRM,
  • The possibility of implementing your plans, not only business but also personal ones.
  • Clean Inbox,
  • Social Media always up to date,

Aiders.es remote and city assistants are a growing, over 25-person team in the largest Spanish cities, ready to help with picking up purchases, completing tasks at the office and other tasks related to the presence in your city.

Aiders.es is fully competent and have skills in:

  • Research of data and offers of companies / specialists (Data brokerage)
  • Project management and coordination (Project Management)
  • Time organization and delegation of tasks (Time Management)
  • Handling of assistant tasks (Back office and Assistant Management)
  • Comprehensive travel and booking systems (Travel and Reservation)
  • Using modern internet tools and applications

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